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Just an average college student, really.

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So around a month ago, I ended up with a corneal abrasion in my left eye while I was asleep somehow. We still don't know how that happened, if I rubbed my eye in my sleep and a fingernail scratched it, or if my eye just got really dry, or what. Needless to say, having a cut in your eye is pretty goddamn painful. When it wasn't stinging like hell, it felt like there was an eyelash stuck in my eye, which was annoying as hell. Also, your eye waters, and the salt in your tears get in the cut, making everything even worse. I went to the eye doctor, and after a few painful days of using antibacterial eye drops, it eventually healed. Also, this happened the last week before the semester started, so it was my last week of the winter break.


Afterward, the semester started, and classes were going well. My vision was still a little shitty in my left eye, but it takes a little bit for your vision to recover after something like that. Saturday, in the middle of the night, I woke up with that same pain in my eye again. So I was back to square one, and went back to the eye doctor. This time, it was a case of recurrent erosion, he said. Basically, after healing, the top layer of the cornea didn't stay properly attached. So, again, we think my eye might have gotten really dry at night, and the eyelid might have stuck to the cornea, and basically tore it back open. This time, I had to use antibacterial drops every hour, on the hour, for 24 hours before my next appointment. Since I didn't really get a good night's sleep before that, waking up in pain and all that, having to catch sleep in increments of less than an hour was awful. Still, I kept putting the eye drops in, and afterward, my eye didn't really show much in the way of improvement. He originally wanted to get me in to see a cornea specialist, but it was Sunday, and he wasn't sure he could get me in quickly enough. Basically he suggested I go to the ER, which had an ophthalmologist on call, which would be the next best thing. So I do that, and it turns out that I have a corneal ulcer at this point, which is an open wound on the cornea, which may or may not be infected. I get a prescription for some more antibacterial eye drops and some vicodin for pain relief, as well as an appointment to see the ophthalmologist in the morning. The vicodin doesn't really help, but at least when I go to see the ophthalmologist, it turns out that the corneal ulcer isn't infected. I get prescribed some ointment to put in my eye, especially at night, in order to help keep things lubricated. Then I'm sent on my way, with another appointment to follow up on the treatment in a couple of days. After a total of 3-4 days of excruciating pain (which still didn't compare to when I had a kidney stone, but it was probably the 2nd worst pain in my life),  the pain starts to become a little more manageable, and every day becomes a little less awful. This morning, I went in for my follow-up, and found out that my eye has mostly healed, but it still has a little to go. I'm still using the ointment, and I'm basically missing an entire week of class, which will be fun to catch up on.


It's still kind of painful, but not nearly as much, and I've been avoiding spending too much time staring at a screen without giving my eye rest in between. Basically I'm going to take it easy for the rest of the week, where it should eventually stop hurting by the time next week starts, and I should be able to get back to my daily life. Things are looking up at least, and even though my eye sight still kind of sucks in my left eye right now, it should recover, at least mostly, with some time. If I wasn't properly taken care of, there was a very real risk that I could have gotten an infection, and been at risk for permanent loss of vision. It could have been worse, but still, I have to say, things have been kind of rough lately.

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