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So, Animal Crossing New Leaf.

6/21/13 by Kunera
Updated 6/21/13

Yeah, it's pretty fun. I've had some fun making patterns.

For anyone that has the game, and has the QR machine unlocked in Able Sisters, I've posted a few that I've done from Super Mario RPG.

Edit: Updated with the Mallow pattern I just finished.

So, Animal Crossing New Leaf.


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Nobody cares about Animal Crossing. Make a new newspost.

12/6/13 Kunera responds:

I've been meaning to, but I've been busy as of late. Last week of actual lecture, and then I have final exams next week.

I've always wanted to play Animal Crossing, it looks so much fun. Too bad my Nintendo DS Lite broke, and I'm not allowed to get another one.

8/18/13 Kunera responds:

That's kind of a shame. It really is surprisingly fun, even if it is one of those games you're only meant to play a little bit of each day.



8/15/13 Kunera responds:

Awwww shit



compared to wild world and city folk how is it ?

7/21/13 Kunera responds:

I've enjoyed it. More than City Folk, I would say it's on par with Wild World, but that's just me.



Never heard of that Animal Crossing :3

6/23/13 Kunera responds:

It just came out fairly recently, on the 3DS

....No Mallow?

6/21/13 Kunera responds:

Not yet, I've been working on them for the past day or so. Mallow will most likely be my next project.